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About Us

Institute of Rubber and Jatropha Research-Nepal (IRJR-Nepal) is a non-governmental, non-profit, and non-partisan, and independent Pioneer organization for research-, development and outreach of natural rubber and jatropha in Nepal. We are committed to build IRJR-Nepal next generation institution for a greener Nepal.

Our works

We are currently working on following components:

  • Site selection and soil testing.
  • Generation of quality planting materials through nurseries establishment.
  • Livelihood support and women empowerment .
  • Block planting and demonstration.
  • Farmers education and group formation . Training for individual farmers and community based organization -Just like Small Rubber Farmers Association, Forest users groups, Cooperatives, Private companies and NGOs’.
  • Research and development.
  • Rubber processing and quality enhancement.
  • Market Management.
  • Human resource management.
  • Environment development.

vision and mission

Vision: To be a pioneer and leading institution in all areas of research, development and extension of rubber industries for the benefit of communities by providing them opportunities for their own sustainable socio-economic empowerment.

Mission :To promote viability of rubber and jatropha industries focused research and development, import and effective transfer of present technology and support services to enhance maximum small farmer participation.

Initial target project areas for rubber will be Eastern Terai Districts including Jhapa, Morang, Sunsari and lower parts of Ilam that are already proved viable for high value cash crop and central/western Nepal for Jatropha. This institute aims to encourage enhance commercial cultivation conduct research and expand the adoption in other districts. We will promote the use of renewable biofuel, thereby preventing the environmental degradation.

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